The Residences of Angst

The residential building will be developed on about 13.000 square meters and 75 apartments of varying surface areas connected through three stairwells with relative elevators and a distribution to the floors which emulates the original one. The property will have, in addition to the outside common spaces, a prestigious lobby with a main historical monumental staircase and two monumental halls on the main floor.

The ground floor connected to the three stairwells, contains 84 indoor garages of various sizes, 19 guest spaces and 82 cellars associated with the apartments. Living inside Angst means to be a part of an old elite. Its history, its figures who experienced it and its prestigious interiors, make it an entirely exclusive place and unique in the world.

Our objective is to create luxury apartments that are welcoming and timeless, by employing natural and durable materials and carefully designing every detail. The quality of the spaces and architecture is given priority.

Its rich history and its prestigious interiors make it an entirely exclusive and unique place in the world.